Our History

The concepts and teachings of Fear No Bully go back to the nineties primarily focusing on Domestic Violence awareness. There is no bigger bully than someone that abuses their spouse. The majority of the instruction took place under the banner of S.T.O.P. [Stop Taking Our Pride], and we had a number of success stories about women and men building the courage to do something about their situation and leaving.

Fear No Bully as a name was coined in 2013. This is exactly what we were teaching our students to do. Building the confidence to stand up and realize that Nobody has the right to hurt them. We worked with a number of different organizations such as Empowered Colorado Inc., Boy Scouts of America, and Girl Scouts of America.

In 2016, Fear No Bully began teaching out of what is now it’s current headquarters at Empower Training Center. We’ve taught free classes each year for October’s Bullying Awareness Month and we’ve re-designated Domestic Violence Awareness Month from October to April. Because Domestic Violence isn’t limited to only one month.

In 2018 we submitted our application for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and we were designated as an IRS tax exempt corporation in a record 17 days. With this new status we are able to affect that many more children to teach them to Fear No Bully and Be Confident!