October is Anti-Bullying Month

This means FREE classes, seminars, and instruction for everyone. We’ll also be hosting our annual Fear NO Bully scavenger hunt to help raise money for the organization. Stay tuned to the website to find out how to join us. 


November we’ll be hosting our Annual Kick-a-Thon.  

Before Thanksgiving we have all the kids and adults get together for a fun little fundraiser called a Kick-a-thon. For one hour all the kids will throw kicks with each student taking a turn showing off their confidence by leading the group. 


We’re waiting on COVID restrictions to be lifted. 

We have numerous other events ready to go as soon as we get the “all clear.” 

Spar Wars – a padded light saber sparring tournament

WAKO – Olympic Style Kickboxing events; watch the kids apply their skills

Professional Wrestling Shows – there is no bigger Bully than an evil pro wrestler

Casino Night – win lots of prizes